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Current events

Brandification web session with Karin Kaiser

Successful brand implementation in the financial services industry – Karin Kaiser, Ex-Schwäbisch Hall x Brandification

Brandification web session event with Karin Kaiser

Brandification web session – 19.05.2021

How can companies in the financial services industry succeed in implementing their own brand concept in a tangible, consistent and sustainable way for customers, even without a physical product?

As former Head of Brand, Content & Creation at Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall, Karin Kaiser gives insights into the successful brand strategy implementation of Germany’s largest building society in an interview with Brandification.


Past events

Brandification web session

Digital Brand Education Reinvented – sustainable brand empowerment of your employees with gamification

Web session: Digital Brand Education Reinvented

Brandification web session – 28.04.2021

In our web session on “Digital Brand Education Reinvented”, we talk about challenges in brand empowerment of employees and how digital tools can help to consolidate brand knowledge in a playful, practical and sustainable way.

Brandification web session with Reto Sidler

Practice Case Greater Zurich Area with Reto Sidler x Brandification

Web session event with Reto Sidler and Brandification

Brandification web session – 30.03.2021

In our web session on “Brand Implementation Reinvented”, we talk to Reto Sidler from the Greater Zurich Area about challenges and solutions in the field of brand implementation. As Head of Communications & Marketing, Reto Sidler provides insights into the brand management of the Swiss location brand in a conversation with Brandification and sheds light on how brand development has successfully progressed there in recent years.


Josephs meets remote with Christoph Hack

JOSEPHS Event – 07.05.2020

How do you manage to win over employees – permanently & company-wide – for the topic of brand? The brandification event “Transforming employees into brand ambassadors” is part of the new JOSEPHS online event series. Explore and test our Brand Engagement Tool, which transforms employees into brand ambassadors in a simple, effective and fun way.

1 Year Brandification

Brandification one year event

1 Year Brandification Anniversary Event – 27.02.2020

In the gallery you will find some impressions of our 1 Year Brandification Event at ZOLLHOF.


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