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Brandification FAQ

In our FAQ we answer frequently asked questions about the Brandification Tools as well as the topics BrandTech, Digital Brand Management and digitalization of the brand environment.


What is Brandification?

Brandification is a young start-up from Nuremberg. Currently our team consists of 11 people. We are passionate for Brand & Tech and have been working energetically since 2019 to transform employees into brand ambassadors together with our customers.

What is Brandification doing?

Brandification transforms employees into brand ambassadors. With our application, employees learn intuitively and playfully what their own brand stands for. This creates a company-wide implementation of the brand at its brand touchpoints.

With Brandification CX & Touchpoint Management, you always have an overview of the brand touchpoint performance and customer journey of your brand.

What tools does Brandification offer?

Brandification offers you 2 tools: Brandification Internal Branding offers you the ideal solution for the use cases Brand Education and Brand Touchpoint Optimisation.

Brandification CX and Touchpoint Management is your central platform for digitally designing brand touchpoints, personas and customer journeys from a brand perspective and making data-based brand decisions based on your cockpit.

What are the advantages of Brandification over eLearning?

Knowledge transfer plays an important role in almost all companies - whether it's the onboarding of new employees, advanced and further training for existing employees, or the acquisition of completely new know-how. In the course of digitalization, more and more companies have discovered eLearning for themselves. In our article on Brandification and eLearning, we highlight the advantages of each method and how Brandification and eLearning can be optimally combined.

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How does branding succeed?

In order to stay on the market, it is no longer enough to simply offer a good product. You should establish yourself as a strong, distinctive brand. In this respect, the term “branding” is on everyone’s minds. Branding determines how your stakeholders perceive your brand and what they expect from it. This alone is reason enough to take a close look at the topic of branding.

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How is corporate branding done?

A company's self-image plays a crucial role in conveying a catchy yet positive corporate image to its target audience. Corporate branding helps you create an identity for your company by reflecting the essential elements of your corporate identity and clearly communicating corporate goals and visions to your target groups. This article addresses the key issues surrounding corporate branding.

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Brandification Application

What features does the Brandification application offer?

In the Brandification application, employees can create brand touchpoints, add a photo and a description and evaluate them according to defined brand criteria. Brand touchpoints created by other users of the application can be liked, commented and favoured. The application also offers the possibility to search, filter and sort brand touchpoints and to call up an evaluation for the fulfilment of brand criteria. For more information, see our use cases for Brand Education and Brand Touchpoint Optimization.

What does Brandification cost?

For us at Brandification, it is important that the setup of the application is perfectly adapted to your goals. We are happy to take the time to discuss your individual use case in advance - whether it is the use of the app as an extension of existing eLearning or the comprehensive optimisation of brand touchpoints. Based on your goals, the number of users and the desired support level, we will create your individual pricing. Contact us now for your individual offer.

Where is my data stored?

The Brandification application is a Progressive Web App. This means that your data is only stored in the cloud and not on your device. Your data is stored on encrypted servers in Germany. You can find more information on this topic on our data privacy and security page.

Can I use Brandification on my private device?

Yes! The majority of users use Brandification on private devices. As no data is stored on the devices themselves but exclusively in the cloud, Brandification can be used on private devices without hesitation.

On how many devices can I use the application simultaneously?

Brandification can be used with one account on any number of devices. You can log into your personal account from any platform.

Can I use Brandification on my desktop computer?

Yes, the Brandification application can be used on all devices (desktop PC, tablet, smartphone...) and with all operating systems and browsers.

Does Brandification offer a Frontify Alternative?

Frontify is a brand management software for consistency, efficiency & simple design collaboration in the cloud. The Brandification application is an internal branding app that helps you turn employees into brand ambassadors.

While both Frontify and the Brandification help to promote brand-related communication among employees and increase brand consistency, Frontify focuses on the central management of brand resources. In contrast, Brandification, with its social media approach, playfully increases brand awareness through interaction with brand touchpoints.

Brandification CX & Touchpoint Management

What features does the Brandification CX & Touchpoint Management software offer?

Brandification CX & Touchpoint Management is a digital brand management tool with which you can capture brand touchpoints alone, in a team or across departments. Using the CX Dashboard and Customer Journey View, you can find out how your key target groups interact with your business and eliminate the pain points within your customer journey. The Brand Cockpit gives you the tools to define, measure and analyse the KPIs for your brand. External live data can be added via interfaces in order to make well-founded decisions for your brand based on data.

What does Brandification CX & Touchpoint Management cost?

For us at Brandification, it is important that the setup of the Brandification CX & Touchpoint Management tool is perfectly adapted to your goals, so that you have all the important data from your brand at your fingertips at all times. We would be happy to take the time to discuss your individual use case in advance. Based on your goals, the number of users and the desired support level, we will create your individual pricing. Contact us now for your individual offer.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is located on encrypted servers in Germany. The highest security standard for your data is therefore guaranteed.

Digitalization of Brands

Are brand ambassadors corporate influencers?

The terms corporate influencer and brand ambassador are often used synonymously. In our article on corporate influencers, we examine whether corporate influencers are the brand ambassadors of the digital age.

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Turn your employees into brand ambassadors.

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