Brand Training Reinvented.

With Brandification.

Involve employees, gamify and digitally train them for your own brand with the Brandification Brand Training without spending a lot of time internally 🔥.

With the digital Brandification tool, you can onboard employees in a flexible and highly effective way - within 60 days and with minimal effort. Increase your brand engagement by up to 87%.

Brand Training Surveys

Our customer testimonials.

"Brandification is very useful for us to keep links, to know what is happening at the touchpoints, where we need to sharpen things up, where there are new ideas and how they are received by the customer in the first place. That's a lot easier with Brandification than if I'm doing it back and forth in Excel spreadsheets or with emails."

Your core benefit with Brandification's Brand Training.

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resource savings through the use of Brandification.

Highly individualised learning content.

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of the employees involved are more motivated through Gamification.
Brand Training mit Brandification

Brandification is especially suitable for ...

fast growing companies 📈

ambitious companies 💪🏻

innovative companies 💡

And this is how Brand Training works with Brandification's Brand e-learning.

Step 1

1. Highly individual setup 💪

Get a highly customised setup with our Brand Training Tool, which is aligned to your own brand.

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Brand Training challenges
Step 2

2. Gamified content 🎮

Gamified content is developed for your brand so that your employees are more motivated to get started.

Step 3

3. Start of the Brand Onboarding 🚀

Start with your desired target group in the automated and digitalised onboarding of our Brand e-learning.

Brand Training survey results
Brand Training survey overview
Step 4

4. Challenges, Quizzes and Tasks 💡

Every week there are new challenges, quizzes and tasks for the Brand Community. These can be completed in a short amount of time.

Step 5

5. Brand Onboarding of new employees 🧑🏻‍💻

The Brand Onboarding of new employees can be used in a flexible and automated way.

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