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- Implement your global rebranding process in a team in a simple, playful and highly efficient way. Capture brand touchpoints, optimise them data-driven and see the status quo of your rebranding strategy in real time. -

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Your benefit from the Rebranding Implementation with Brandification...

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resource savings through the use of Brandification.

Data-driven optimisation proposals at the Brand Touchpoints.

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of the people involved are more motivated by Gamification.
Personal growth

...and how the Company Rebranding with Brandification works.

Step 1

1. Capture Brand Touchpoints 📸

Easily and quickly capture your Brand Touchpoints worldwide to generate a comprehensive database and gain a deep overview about the status quo.

Comments on Brand Touchpoints - Rebranding and Redesign
Step 2

2. Identify Optimisation Potential 💡

Based on your Brand Touchpoint database, use the data-driven optimisation suggestions or co-create with your team on possible touchpoint optimisations. Work together in an easy and transparent way with Gamification features.

Step 3

3. Implementation of the Rebranding ⚙️

Track and measure the implementation of the process in our rebranding software with the help of our dashboard and see the progress in real time.

Mobile dashboard - Rebranding and Redesign

Our Customer testimonials.

"Brandification is very useful for us to keep links, to know what is happening at the touchpoints, where we need to sharpen up, where new ideas are and how they are received by the customer in the first place. That's a lot easier with Brandification than if I'm doing it back and forth in Excel spreadsheets or with emails."

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