Brand Onboarding for retail partners

You want to empower your dealers to the brand and/or the product? Brandification offers you a digital solution for flexible onboarding and training of your dealers.
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One-time setup – continuous onboarding

With a one-time setup, we maintain your training content in the application. This allows you to flexibly start the onboarding process of new dealers at any time. If you make a new brand or product update, you can add the new content to the application at any time and train existing dealers on the new content. There is no additional training or setup effort for you. Your training content is played out automatically.
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High effectiveness

You reach all relevant dealers and empower them with practical examples. Your dealers receive challenges tailored to their brand and products. The acquired knowledge is permanently consolidated because small challenges with low time expenditure ensure effective repetition.

Higher motivation through gamification

Gamification elements such as power-ups increase the motivation of your dealers to engage with brand and product content. This includes, for example, continuous, motivating rewards such as collecting status points and the associated advancement in various levels.
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Digital Brand & Community Info

Make the most relevant content about your brand and products available to merchants in the application at any time.

Strengthen your dealer community

Our social media features allow dealers to interact with each other. The collected Brand Touchpoints can be liked, commented on and exported as a PDF document, among other things. This way, the knowledge and know-how of your dealers can be shared among each other. The group challenges create the feeling of being part of a community.