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Five impressive brand touchpoints from Apple

Apple has a strong sense of style and conveys its core values more consistently across all its brand touchpoints than almost any other brand. We have selected 5 impressive brand touchpoints from Apple that reflect Apple’s core values in an extraordinary way.


1. Apple Stores1

The first Apple Store opened its doors on 19 May 2001. There are now over 500 Apple Stores in 25 countries where the Apple brand can be experienced to a high degree. With the Apple Stores, the brand launched a radical reinvention of the way technology is experienced at the point of purchase. Over 7,000 people flocked to the new store on the first weekend of the opening.


2. Keynote2

The keynotes by Steve Jobs are legendary. Probably the most impressive and best known was given in 2007 when the iPhone was introduced. Steve Jobs has thus created a unique brand touchpoint. Other tech companies go to trade fairs. Apple attracts people. To this day, the Apple keynote is an impressive brand touchpoint with enormous attention.


3. Apple Park3

The new home of Apple Steve Jobs has still significantly contributed to in the planning phase. It can accommodate 12,000 Apple employees.


4. Products4

Apple products strive for perfection. The focus is on simplicity and ease of use and intuitive design. Just how coveted Apple products really are can be seen from the record-breaking sales figures of the first iPad, with over 3 million sales in 80 days.


5. Apple Employees5

Apple employees have only one goal at heart: to make customers happy. To that end, Apple’s training programme includes intensive in-store and support training – APPLE: Approach, Probe, Present, Listen, End.

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