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Current events

Brandification practical seminar: Brand Implementation Reinvented

12.10.2023 – 13.10.2023

This event is in German.

Due to the great demand and positive response, our Brandification Seminar “Brand Implementation Reinvented” will take place again on 12th & 13th of October at the Design Offices Nove in Munich. You can expect two days full of inspiring lectures, exciting insights and shared group work on cases from Kärnten and Dynafit, among others. We can already look forward to Prof. Dr. Carsten Baumgarth, Peter Pirck and Christoph Jordi as our speakers 🔥.

Brand Implementation Reinvented practical seminar

Brand Implementation Reinvented - using a gamified Brand Challenge to develop employees into brand fans in 60 days

21.06.2023 | 16:00 – 16:45

This event is in German.

How can employees be successfully and sustainably developed into brand fans within just 60 days?

In our web session, we look at the biggest challenges in brand empowerment and show how the Brandification Brand Challenge can be used to empower employees with their own brand in a simple, fun and sustainable way.

The Brand Challenge combines playful learning with practical tasks around the own brand – through the use of gamification elements such as points, quizzes and incentives, employees are motivated and actively involved in the process of brand implementation. At the same time, valuable brand KPIs are collected, which are essential for determining the status quo of the brand implementation and for planning further steps. The Brand Challenge can be used both with long-term employees and for the brand onboarding of new employees.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can turn your employees into enthusiastic brand fans! We look forward to the exchange!

Christoph Hack: Brand Implementation Reinvented websession

Past events (selection)

Axel Kuhlmann x Brandification: Brand in intercultural leadership context - How brand implementation helps international companies succeed

24.05.2023 | 15:00 – 15:45

This event is in German.

Brand is a leadership tool. By implementing the brand internally, authenticity increases. This also applies in an intercultural context, for example, for internationally operating companies. The relationships and effects will be explained in this webinar, as well as processes and tools, using examples. The focus of this talk is on international implementation in different cultures, such as Asia/China.

In our web session with Axel Kuhlmann, you will learn how to use a brand in various cultural contexts for leadership and employee engagement. You will learn about applicable processes, methods, models, as well as the challenges.

We look forward to an exciting web session and many new insights!

Axel Kuhlmann x Brandification websession

Sebastian May x Brandification: The Power of Purpose - How a strong brand purpose can boost company performance

12.04.2023 | 15:00 – 15:45

This event was in German.

Few terms have shaped the management debate in recent years as much as “purpose.” Hardly any company has not embarked on a search for meaning and asked themselves the popular “why” question made famous by Simon Sinek. However, not every purpose is truly implemented where it is claimed. A good purpose is not rocket science, but properly implemented, it can be a powerful lever to improve company performance.

In our web session with Sebastian May, we addressed the following questions:

  • What makes a good purpose?
  • How do you develop a strong purpose?
  • How can purpose become a performance driver?
Sebastian May x Brandification webinar

Brandification Seminar: Brand Implementation Reinvented

23.03.2023 – 24.03.2023

This event was in German.

On March 23rd and 24th, our Brandification seminar “Brand Implementation Reinvented” took place at Design Offices Nove in Munich. Two days full of inspiring speeches, exciting insights, and collaborative work on the cases of Baufinex, Cornelsen, and illwerke vkw are now behind us.

Brand Implementation Reinvented seminar

Brandification x Christoph Jordi: People make brands - Using employer branding as a strategic success factor

06.03.2023 | 15:00 – 15:45

This event is in German.

This free web session is all about people & brands. The guest is Christoph Jordi, founder, owner and consultant at DoD!fferent. He is convinced that companies earn more money with happy employees and therefore puts people at the center of his approach.

Christoph Jordi reveals to you,

  •  why successful brands grow from the inside out
  • how successful companies rely on their employees as ambassadors
  • Tips and tricks for using employees as brand ambassadors


We are looking forward to an exciting exchange and interesting insights!

Brandification x Christoph Jordi webinar

Brandification x Tomas Vucurevic: From Performance to Purpose - Next Generation Ingredient Branding

18.01.2023 | 15:00 – 15:45

From Performance to Purpose – Next Generation Ingredient Branding:
How Ingredient Branding Evolved in Times of Sustainability and Circular Economy

Ingredient Branding is a multi-level brand & business model that allows innovative companies to get more value out of their innovation by leaving the unfavourable position of a supplier.

In our web session Tomas Vucurevic, Founder and Managing Director of BRAIND®, will take you on a journey on how Ingredient Branding started, why he sees more application for it than ever and how it developed over time to Next Generation Ingredient Branding.

Find out how you and your brand can benefit from Ingredient Branding! We look forward to your participation in this exciting and inspiring websession!

Brandification x Tomas Vucurevic: From Performance to Purpose - Next Generation Ingredient Branding

BVIK x PHOENIX CONTACT x Brandification - Developing the Brand from the Inside Out

22.09.2022 | 14:00 – 17:30 | Bad Pyrmont

Together with the bvik – Bundesverband für Industrie Kommunikation (Federal Association for Industrial Communication) – Brandification organised the event “Developing the brand from within” at the Phoenix Contact site in Bad Pyrmont on Thursday 22 September 2022. The agenda of the event included a factory tour and exciting presentations on the topic of internal branding. Insights on the speakers and presentations can be found here.

BVIK x PHOENIX CONTACT x Brandification event in Bad Pyrmont

NUREMBERG DIGITAL FESTIVAL - How digital brand management transforms employees into brand fans

07.07.2022 | 16:00 – 18:00 | Nuremberg

On 07.07.2022, we were finally back at the Nuremberg Digital Festival with a live event 💛. Our live event “How digital brand management transforms employees into brand fans” aroused the interest of many spectators and clearly shows the great relevance of our topic.

In the Josephs Innovation Lab, we were able to enter into dialogue with enthusiastic visitors from the marketing and HR sectors on the topic of brand implementation and also spoke about how to turn employees into brand fans.

In the gallery you can find a few impressions of our “Brandification x Nuremberg Digital Festival” event.

Nuremberg Digital Festival: Brandification

BVIK x Brandification Webinar – Gamification Concepts in a Business Context: Sustainable Learning for Employees in the B2B Sector

09.11.2021 | 10:00 – 11:00

This event is in German.

In our webinar with the Bundesverband Industrie Kommunikation (bvik), we provide insights into how sustainable learning works in the human brain and how gamification mechanisms can be used to empower employees permanently and efficiently to the own brand.

BVIK x Brandification

NUREMBERG DIGITAL FESTIVAL - Digital brand management for a successful brand

13.07.2021 | 17:30–19:30 | Nuremberg

In the gallery you can find a few impressions of our “Brandification x Nürnberg Digital Festival” event at the ZOLLHOF.

NUE Digital Festival 2021

1 Year Brandification

1 Year Brandification Anniversary Event – 27.02.2020

In the gallery you will find some impressions of our 1 Year Brandification Event at ZOLLHOF.

1 Year Brandification