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Brandification x BVIK '22

Together with the bvik – Bundesverband für Industrie Kommunikation (Federal Association for Industrial Communication) – Brandification organised the event “Developing the brand from within” at the Phoenix Contact site in Bad Pyrmont on Thursday 22 September 2022. The agenda of the event included a factory tour and exciting presentations on the topic of internal branding. Insights on the speakers and presentations can be found here.

BVIK x PHOENIX CONTACT x Brandification

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Before the presentations began, Phoenix Contact gave the participants a guided tour of the plant on the topic of "Net Zero, a location becomes climate-neutral" by Facility Manager Frank Schröder. The "Facility" area at Phoenix Contact is thought of innovatively and has the goal of designing the "Facility of tomorrow". Automated and electrified processes, as well as the implementation of AI, should make this possible. In line with Phoenix Contact's vision: To create an "All Electric Society".


Afterwards, the organisers, Michaela Susan Pollok, Head of Events and Social Media (bvik), Dennis Merker, Head of Strategic Brand Management (Phoenix Contact) and Christoph Hack, Founder and CEO (Brandification), welcomed the participants.


Frank Stührenberg, Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Contact, kicked off the event. He presented the almost 100-year history and the purpose of the family-owned company and global player, Phoenix Contact. In doing so, he addressed the significance of a sustainable, innovative and efficient world for all and how Phoenix Contact wants to achieve this with the so-called decade strategy. "Empowering the All Electric Society - with passion for technology and innovation we create a sustainable world."


Dennis Merker, responsible for strategic brand management at Phoenix Contact, illustrated how Purpose creates value in every area of the company and which values are lived and implemented internally at Phoenix Contact. For this purpose, Phoenix Contact has launched a brand ambassador programme. He then went on to explain how Brandification's Brand Implementation Tool plays an important role in the realization of brand implementation and the brand ambassador programme.


Christoph Hack, Founder and CEO of Brandification, then presented the five most common mistakes in brand implementation in companies. First, he described that a large part of the employees do not know the brand values of their own company. Furthermore, he explained that brand is often seen as a project and not as an integral value driver. The third mistake was explained with the help of the brandification case "Stabilo": There is a lack of KPIs around brand management and it also has too low a degree of digitalisation. Finally, he made clear that employees are not sufficiently involved in brand management, although they have the highest value in the company. A demo of the brandification tool rounded off his presentation.


After a short break, Prof. Dr. Carsten Baumgarth, Professor of Brand Management at the HWR Berlin, gave a lecture. He dealt with internal brand management and its effects on brand strength. Professor Baumgarth stated that external brand strength is clearly influenced by internal brand strength. Therefore, it is of great importance that the commitment and brand engagement of the employees is defined as a central goal of internal brand management, which can be achieved with the help of brand ambassador programmes. He went on to explain how remote working affects creativity, innovation, productivity and employee retention and satisfaction and why internal branding becomes even more important in times of the "New Normal".


Mike T. Freche, Global Director Brand Management at MBCC Group, closed the session. He described the impact on brands in times of change and how the brand "BASF" was rebranded to the umbrella brand "MBCC Group" in times of the pandemic. He explained that change triggers uncertainty within the company, and brand consistency suffers as a result. It is therefore important to create a stable core that offers security in the midst of rapid change processes. Because consistent brand management in times of change is possible, according to Mike T. Freche.

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