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Data security

At Brandification, we attach great importance to security and data protection. For this reason, we have decided to offer the Brandification Tool as a web app, which has many advantages in terms of data security.

And it goes without saying that the server is located in Germany. 😉

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Cloud storage

All data is stored in the cloud – no data is stored on the device. Your data is safely stored on encrypted and ISO-certified servers in Germany. 🔒

Use on private devices possible

Our data protection setup allows secure use of Brandification on corporate and private devices. 😎

Optimized for all platforms

Our solution is optimized for all operating systems and devices. 😌

Use of the Brandification application on private devices

We know that many of our customers’ employees prefer to use Brandification on their private devices. So we developed an optimal solution for this use case: Brandification is a Progressive Web App. This means that all your data is stored in the cloud – there is no data storage on the devices themselves. Your brand ambassadors won’t have to worry:

Brandification can be safely used on company devices and/or private devices. Moreover, our application is optimized for both smartphones and desktops. One account can be used on any number of smartphones, tablets or computers – whether iOS, Android, PC or Mac. 😉

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Components of the Brandification Progressive Web App


The application represents a mobile view of a URL. This ensures that the app works on every browser and device. ⚙️


Our application supports the TLS protocol – the standard for all robust and secure data exchange that can take place between any two applications. 🔐


Brandification can be used without an internet connection. All user actions are saved in offline mode and synchronised the next time the user connects to the internet. 🌐


Brandification is not only accessible via the browser, but can also be installed on the device to simplify access. ⚡️

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