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How do your employees identify with their brand and why? With our Brand Identification Check, you gain immediate insights into your brand from an employee perspective.
Through our 30-day program, you can quickly, easily, and playfully gain important insights into how your employees perceive your brand and, if necessary, refine your brand positioning in a meaningful way.
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Open feedback 📣

You receive important feedback on the status quo of your brand and your corporate culture directly from your employees as well as the relevant brand touchpoints. This feedback as well as the challenges take place in the community. All employees actively participate in the brand analysis.

Raising awareness of your brand 💭

The brand analysis shows:

Are the brand values clearly defined and sharply enough outlined? Do your employees understand the brand values and can make them tangible and experienceable through concrete practical examples? Your employees develop an awareness of their own brand and learn how to make it tangible in their everyday work.

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More involvement and commitment 🎮

The digital tool gives you the opportunity to reach all relevant employees and, above all, to increase their involvement in the brand analysis. Our scientifically based gamification approach contributes to an 83 % increase in your employees’ motivation. Collecting status points and interacting in the brand community increases the involvement of your employees and thus helps you to achieve more meaningful analysis results.

Turn your employees into brand ambassadors now.

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Detailed Reporting. 📊

You receive all results of the quizzes, challenges or surveys in a detailed reporting – also as pdf download available.

This way you can track the activities in the application and are informed about logins, uploads, comments, likes and much more. If required, you can also compare different time periods with each other.

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Discover optimization potential. 🥇

The results from the quizzes and challenges tell you where there are still ‘gaps’ in your employees' brand knowledge.

Perhaps the positioning is not clear enough? Identify areas where adaptations are necessary and make sense. Start surveys, record priorities at touchpoints etc.

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Analysis report & results workshop. 📊

Following the Brand Identification Check, you will receive a comprehensive analysis report with individual recommendations based on your results. If you wish, we can also support you in sharpening and adapting your brand content. You can use the results obtained to optimise your brand touchpoints in further steps or to empower your employees with regard to the brand.

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