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Brand Touchpoint Management

You want to make your brand implementation measurable and optimise your brand touchpoints company-wide?

With Brandification’s Brand Touchpoint Management, you can easily and playfully collect your brand touchpoints in a database, evaluate their brand implementation and analyse and optimise them in a practical way.

Abstracted customer journey in Brandification

Why Brandification helps your brand implementation to succeed?

Making brand implementation measurable

In the admin dashboard you will find all the important KPIs for the success of your brand implementation. This way you can increase the relevance of the brand in the company.

Simply optimise brand touchpoints

Discover optimisation potential across the company.

Brand Implementation is fun

The gamification elements add a playful component to your brand touchpoint management.

myBrand touchpoint example

1. Company-wide brand touchpoint database

Brandification gives you a comprehensive overview of the current status quo of your company-wide brand touchpoints in real time.

You can collect hundreds of brand touchpoints quickly, easily and in a gamified way, both at country level and across departments.

Use your brand criteria to evaluate the individual brand touchpoints and discover targeted optimisation potential.

2. Evaluation from an internal and external perspective

Brandification offers you different possibilities to evaluate your Brand Touchpoints:

On the one hand, the creator of a touchpoint reflects the fulfilment of the brand criteria at this brand touchpoint.

You need comprehensive feedback? Let your brand community vote on whether the brand criteria have been implemented at the brand touchpoint.

And if you want to get the additional opinion of a brand manager or external consultant besides the internal evaluations, conduct a brand check at the relevant brand touchpoints.

Other data sources (such as NPS measurement) can also be integrated if desired.

Internal and external evaluation of a touchpoint in Brandification

Playfully develop your employees into brand fans

myBrand touchpoint optimisation example

3. Document the development of your brand touchpoints 🏆

With the milestone function, optimisations to the brand touchpoint can be documented.

Your brand community and you always have an up-to-date overview of the development of individual brand touchpoints – clearly displayed via current touchpoint images and up-to-date feedback on the implementation of the brand criteria.

4. Brand KPI Dashboard

In the admin dashboard, record the specific key figures on the degree of fulfilment of the brand criteria at country or department level.

Compare specific time periods with regard to the touchpoints optimisations that have taken place.

KPI dashboard in the Brandification software
Orga board myBrand example

Work together as a team on brand touchpoints 💪🏻

Discover optimisation potential at the brand touchpoints. Then you can work directly on the relevant touchpoints on our task management board. There you have the possibility to assign responsibilities for the individual brand touchpoints and to store precise descriptions of what will be optimised at the touchpoint. This way you can get a quick overview of the optimisation process and keep an eye on the individual to-dos.

Share optimisation content with relevant people 🌐

If individual brand touchpoints or the entire reporting of the brand touchpoint optimisation become relevant for other people outside the brand community, they can be easily exported as a PDF document and shared with others.

Abstracted customer journey in Brandification

Mapping customer journeys 📈

You can map your customer journey in the application: Specific brand touchpoints and detailed information can be stored in the individual stages. The Customer Journey Score shows you possible optimisation potentials of individual phases. By creating personas, the brand community is informed about important characteristics, associated customer journeys and relevant brand touchpoints.

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