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How can you measure your brand implementation and work better as a team?
If you want to collect your brand touchpoints in an uncomplicated way, analyse them in a practical way with regard to your brand positioning and values and optimise them in a targeted way, Brandification offers you the ideal solution.

Customer Journey
Brandification - Create touchpoint

Get an overview of all the company's brand touchpoints 📸

You get a comprehensive and immediate insight into the current status quo of your brand touchpoints. Both in different teams and across departments, you can quickly and easily collect hundreds of brand touchpoints. Your brand criteria are reflected at each individual brand touchpoint and your community can jointly exchange ideas on optimisation potential.

Compare internal and external evaluations 👨🏽‍💻

Would you like to obtain the opinion of a brand manager or external consultant in addition to the internal evaluation of the touchpoint creator? Carry out a brand audit/brand check for the relevant brand touchpoints. This will give you a direct comparison between internal and external evaluation – with immediate optimisation suggestions from both perspectives. Other data sources (such as NPS measurement) can be integrated.

Brandification - Brand check
Brandification - Survey

Obtain evaluations from the entire brand community ⭐️

For individual brand touchpoints, are you more interested in quantitative rather than qualitative feedback? Start a survey at the relevant touchpoints and let your entire brand community reflect on the individual brand criteria at the brand touchpoint.

Brandification Orga-Board

Work together as a team on your brand touchpoints 💪🏻

If you discover optimization potential at the brand touchpoints, you can continue to work directly on the relevant touchpoint on our Task Management Board. There you have the option of assigning responsibilities for the individual brand touchpoints and storing precise descriptions of what is specifically optimized at the touchpoint. In this way, you can get a quick overview of the optimization process and keep track of the individual To-do’s.

Brandification - Touchpoint details

Map the course of development of individual brand touchpoints 🏆

With the help of our milestone function, you can document the course of development of individual brand touchpoints. You and your brand community will gain insights into how individual brand touchpoints have changed - clearly represented by current touchpoint images and individual, optimized brand criteria.

Share optimization content with relevant people 🌐

If individual brand touchpoints or the entire brand touchpoint optimization reporting becomes relevant to other people outside the brand community, then you can easily export it as a PDF document and share it with them.

Brandification - Customer journey

Map the Customer Journey 📈

You can map your customer journey in the application: You can store specific brand touchpoints and detailed information in the individual stages. You can create personas. This way, your community is informed about important characteristics, their customer journey, and the relevant brand touchpoints. The Customer Journey Score shows you possible optimization potentials of individual stages.

Turn your employees into brand fans.