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An overview of our product features

Brandification Features

The numerous features of our digital brand implementation tool support you in implementing your brand in a playful, involving and analytical way.

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Gamification 🎮

Our scientifically based gamification approach demonstrably increases the involvement and motivation of your brand community. The small, playful learning units ensure a lasting activation of brand knowledge among employees and – through group challenges – strengthen the community.

Automation ⚙️

In a one-time setup, we also design and maintain your project tasks and challenges in the digital tool. These are automatically played out at the specified time – without any additional effort. If necessary, the content can be adapted and modified at any time.

Customer Journeys 📍

You can create personas and map their customer journey in the individual phases based on your brand touchpoints.

Customizability ⚡️

After a one-time setup, your individual educational content and your desired company information is ready for your project. If you wish, Brandification can also be adapted to your corporate design.

Reporting 📈

The digital tool offers you a detailed evaluation both on an individual level – your employees receive immediate feedback after project tasks, and on an overall level. You receive information on logins, engagement, number of likes, comments, compliance with brand rules, and much more.

Analysis & Checks ✅

You gain a comprehensive overview of all your brand touchpoints and their compliance with brand rules. The brand rules can be evaluated by  brand managers or by employees. In the latter case, you gain additional insights into how your employees identify with the brand and why.

Brand Touchpoint Documentation 📸

With the help of your Brand Community, countless Brand Touchpoints can be recorded, immediately evaluated, and directly evaluated and optimized in the application.

Kanban-Board 📋

Work together as a team to optimize your brand touchpoints. You can name the columns of the Kanban board as you like, assign relevant brand touchpoints to each column and specify responsibilities. Once the task is done, the card can be moved to the next column using drag-and-drop.

Brand Training 💡

Different types of quizzes, challenges and surveys enable your brand community to learn in a hands-on way and thus achieve brand empowerment integrated into everyday life.