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An overview of our product features

Brandification Features

The numerous features of our digital brand implementation software support you in implementing your brand in a playful, involving and analytical way.

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Gamification 🎮

Our science-based gamification approach is proven to increase brand engagement and motivation of your brand community.

Incentives 🏆

In addition to the gamification elements, the prizes also offer an additional, attractive incentive to engage with the brand.

In Brandification, prizes matching the company are linked to the badges and levels at the individual, team, and organizational level.

Challenges, Quizzes & Surveys 🏅

Small entertaining but varied challenges, quizzes and surveys provide the fun factor in Brandification.

These can be solved with a minimal time investment of 2-4 minutes per week and ensure a memorable engagement with the brand.

Brand Touchpoint Database 📸

With the help of your Brand Community, hundreds of brand touchpoints can be recorded company-wide, evaluated immediately, and evaluated and optimized directly in Brandification.

Customization ⚡️

Brandification is adapted to the essential content of your brand (CD/ CI, Purpose, …) and the objectives of the project.

Together with you, we create a gamified brand challenge that is individually tailored to your brand.

Brand KPIs 📈

Regardless of which of our two modules you choose, the software will provide you with the relevant key figures in a detailed evaluation.

This includes figures on brand engagement and the brand knowledge of your employees, the degree of fulfillment of your brand criteria at the brand touchpoints, and documentation of your brand touchpoint optimizations.

KPIs for internal branding and your brand implementation.

Kanban board 📋

Work with your team to optimize your brand touchpoints.

Define the individual process steps of the touchpoint optimization, assign relevant brand touchpoints to the individual process steps and responsibilities.

This makes it easy to coordinate the brand touchpoint optimization process.

Assessments from an internal & external perspective ✅

You gain a comprehensive overview of your brand touchpoints and their fulfillment of the brand criteria.

The evaluation of the brand criteria can be done in different ways: from the touchpoint creator, the brand community to the brand management and/or external consultants, the brand touchpoints can be evaluated from different perspectives and their results merged in Brandification.

Brand & Customer Journey 📍

Use your brand touchpoint database to map different customer journeys.

Create personas and document their customer journeys with the brand touchpoints already recorded.

In addition to the Pains & Gains, the Customer Journey Score provides you with additional information on the optimization potential of your journey from a customer and brand perspective.

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