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Internal Brand Analysis

What distinguishes this brand? Is your client still unsure of the exact brand values or positioning that distinguish their brand?

Use the extensive knowledge and collective intelligence of employees to gain valuable input from employees on the brand through an Internal Brand Analysis. 💡

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Question the status quo.

If the brand values do not seem to be clearly defined so far, it becomes necessary to question the current state. In order to gain a deeper insight into where the brand currently stands and with which benefits, attributes, etc. it is associated, employees in particular can provide revealing information. 

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Developing brand strategy from within.

A promising way to develop a brand strategy is to involve the employees. They are familiar with the history of the brand, know the differentiating characteristics of the brand, are aware of the credibility of certain brand values and understand what makes the brand unique. All of these are important prerequisites for developing a successful brand strategy. 

Turn your employees into brand fans.

Fast, simple and fun. 🎮

Involving employees is simple and effective thanks to the digital tool. The usability of Brandification is characterized by simple and understandable handling. Surveys and relevant insights can be captured quickly and immediately. The gamified elements bring fun and ease into the Internal Brand Analysis. 

Greater employee involvement and commitment. 💪🏻

The small, varied brand challenges, quizzes and surveys increase employee motivation to participate in Internal Brand Analysis. However, the gamification approach not only leads to greater employee involvement during the internal brand analysis, but also ensures greater acceptance of the subsequent steps afterwards. 

Quantitative and qualitative insights. 📊

In small challenges and surveys, important associations of the brand community to the brand can be collected unaided: What attributes do employees associate the brand with? What is the greatest benefit that the brand provides? Have employees vote in surveys on the suggested attributes. Survey the brand community on the credibility of specific positioning proposals. 

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key core products

With the help of employees, various real-world examples, products, etc. can be collected about the brand. In surveys, the brand community can vote on which ones represent your brand's core products. Suggested products can be prioritized.

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Detailed reporting

The detailed reporting in Brandification provides you with a quantitative and qualitative evaluation. The results are presented clearly in a word cloud, among other things. You can view the evaluations of the quizzes, surveys, and challenges at any time. Relevant activities can also be tracked in the application: logins, engagement, uploads, comments, likes, and much more.

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key touchpoints

Employees collect internal and external touchpoints that best reflect the brand and reflect on the implementation of the brand values being developed at them. Which brand values are consciously perceptible at the brand touchpoints? Which ones require a renewed reflection of their credibility?

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