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TOPIC: Digital Brand Management for a successful brand

Brandification x NUEDigital Festival

At our #nuedigital event on 13 July 2021 in the new ZOLLHOF in Nuremberg, the focus was on digital solutions for successful brand implementation. We welcomed a total of around 90 participants to our hybrid event on site and via livestream. 👋

Brandification x Nuremberg Digital Festival 2021

At the #nuedigital event:

To start with, Christoph Hack, founder and CEO of Brandification, focused on the question of measuring brand success. He showed how digitalisation takes place in the core areas of brand management, which deficits exist so far in the use of software for brand implementation and which 5 aspects are of particular importance when using corresponding tools. 💡

Christoph Hack also gave an insight into the functions of the Brandification solution for digital brand implementation and how this can effectively support the collection and optimisation of brand contact points. 📈

Lisa Branz, IT project manager at Brandification, then showed the challenges that exist in the traditional brand empowerment of employees through training and intranet and how gamification elements such as quests, power ups and avatars help to increase the brand knowledge of employees many times over in a playful way. 🎮

In the following panel discussion, our guests from different industries shared their experiences and learnings in the field of digital brand management and gave insights into how they experienced the very extraordinary past 18 months from a brand perspective. 💭

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The panel discussion.


Nicole Schulte

“easyCredit has created a lot in the pandemic period in terms of brand. In the pandemic, brand means being a solid element, giving customers support.”

NUE Digital Festival
NUE Digital Festival


Kathrin Topisch

“Last year, we tackled the topic of touchpoint management with our Brand Ambassador programme. With this we have created multipliers in the departments who can bring the topic of brand into the discussions, but of course this is only the beginning. I think there is always something to do in this area.”


Alexander Nehls

“There is no more offline brand management. We do one marketing. Whether it’s a Shopwindow or Google Ads campaign, at the end of the day it’s the same campaign.”

NUE Digital Festival
NUE Digital Festival


Heiko Linder

“We have to understand what brand actually is and understand that we don’t have to be Apple, Adidas or Google. We have a strong brand with its own strengths that we have to play to the outside world. That’s why every colleague is a part of the brand – they also have to be able to stand for what we do in the garden fence conversation.”

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