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Five impressive brand touchpoints from Starbucks

The Starbucks Corporation based in the US state of Seattle is an international retail company in the coffee product sector. Net sales in 2018 amounted to approximately 24.7 billion US dollars. Starbucks ranks second in the ranking of the world’s most valuable fast food brands with over 46 million US dollars in brand equity. After Costa Coffee, Starbucks is the second largest coffee bar operator in Europe with around 2,500 coffee bars. The range of different beverages is the top-selling product and accounts for well over half of global sales.


1. Myth of the Starbucks Logo1

The Starbucks logo has one of the world’s highest recognition levels thanks to its green color and the siren that is automatically associated with Starbucks coffee. When Starbucks was founded in 1971 in Seattle, California, the company wanted to find a logo that would capture the spirit of the city. And Seattle is best known for its port and the fishing industry that goes with it. In Greek mythology, this mermaid lured sailors to the coast of an island called Starbuck. The image of the siren was used to entice coffee lovers to drink with them.


2. Starbucks „Bring Your Own Tumbler“ concept2

With the „Bring Your Own Tumbler“ offer, Starbucks promotes the use of returnable cups in order to reduce waste in coffee consumption. Every guest who has its drink filled into a cup they have brought along receives a 30 cent discount as a thank-you gift. In addition, Starbucks supports initiatives by public authorities and NGOs in several German cities that are working to increase acceptance of returnable cup systems. In 2018, on the occasion of World Earth Day, Starbucks also introduced reusable cups in all coffee houses throughout Germany.


3. The Starbucks Coffee Houses3

Environmentally friendly concepts determine the design, furnishing and operation of the Coffee Houses. When designing the coffee houses, Starbucks responsibly combine selected building materials and furnishings in modern design with energy and water-saving devices. Starbucks follows the benchmark specifications of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® certification program.


4. The Starbucks Cup4

At Starbucks, there are many coffee variations, 37000 possible beverage combinations to be exact. The largest cup in the Starbucks range (Trenta) holds 916ml.The name on the cup allows you to clearly assign the right coffee. In addition, the name on the mug gives it a personal touch. The customer feels individually addressed and integrated. On seasonal occasions the Starbucks cups are designed accordingly and provide a pleasant atmosphere.


5. Starbucks Drive Thru5

Just now in the Corona crisis, Starbucks is taking care with new openings of Drive Thrus. More than 80% of new Starbucks locations that opened in the last year in the United States feature drive-thrus. You can either order ahead on your phone’s Starbucks app or order when you get to the drive-thru. Since 2012, more than 60 locations in Germany have also been equipped with Drive Thru options.

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