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Brand onboarding for employees

Do you want to turn your employees into brand fans?

With Brandification, you can onboard & empower your employees to the brand in a simple, playful and sustainable way.

Brandification setup canvas

Individual setup.

Based on your brand positioning and your target group, we plan the individual onboarding and education content together with you. You define your objectives, brand definitions, and relevant KPIs.

Relevant brand content always directly accessible  💡

In Brandification, you have the option of storing your digital brand story. Describe your brand guidelines, brand values or guidelines there. This gives your employees all the relevant information about your brand immediately and let them know what common goal you are pursuing with the brand. 

Brandification - Our brand screen

Practical training  💪🏻

Unlike one-off training courses, Brandification gives your employees the opportunity to acquire the learning content integrated into their everyday work. The implementation of the brand values is reflected and trained using concrete practical examples. The originally “inert knowledge” is thus applied in practical implementation and thus enables sustainable learning. Your brand criteria are thus not only acquired, but also sustainably internalized. 

Brandification - Touchpoint details

Small learning nuggets ensure lasting activation / sustainable empowerment  🔥

During brand onboarding or training, your (new) employees are presented with small challenges and quizzes that they can complete in a relatively short time. This ensures a lasting engagement with the educational content and your employees regularly and sustainably deepen their brand knowledge. There is no additional training or setup effort, as our challenges and quizzes are played out automatically. 

Brandification - Challenge screen

Scientifically based gamification approach  🎮

With our scientifically based gamification concept, we bring fun, lightness, and effectiveness to the brand onboarding & training process. By means of small knowledge tidbits and playful challenges, users progress through various levels to become brand experts – without lengthy courses or eLearning. Levels and achievement badges increase the motivation to deal with the brand and to master regular challenges and tasks. 

(If desired, it’s possible to use avatars and pseudonyms to preserve your employees’ anonymity while increasing gamification elements by having your employees assume the identity of brand heroes.) 

Brandification - Home screen
Brandification - Quiz screen

Your employees know where they stand.

The quiz feature increases your employees' brand knowledge and helps them get immediate feedback. In case of incorrect answers, they can view the correct answer and directly fill any gaps in their brand knowledge through further information. Through the Brand Community, your employees see themselves as part of the community. From the very beginning, they make an important contribution to the success of the brand through their active participation.

Brandification - Our brand screen

Continuous onboarding.

After a one-time setup and creation of your education content, new employees can be onboarded at any time - without any additional setup effort. This can save you 80% of resources - in terms of time and cost savings.

Brandification - Reporting screen (Desktop)

Comprehensive reporting.

The admin dashboard provides you with detailed reporting on relevant KPIs in the onboarding and training process. You can see how many project tasks have already been mastered, which brand topics cause the most problems in the quizzes, and how basically your employees' engagement with the brand is.

Turn People Into Brand Ambassadors - The guide for the digital brand onboarding of employees

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