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The digital platform for brand education & implementation

Overview of the companies that work with Brandification

What our customers say about us

I recommend Brandification to all brand owners who want to stay one step ahead with their brand work. In my opinion, an essential tool for brand management today.

Dr. Judith Meyer from BrandTrust
Dr. Judith Meyer

BrandTrust – Senior Brand Consultant

I recommend Brandification to all companies who want to work actively with the brand, who are looking for a tool that is very easy to use, with which they can turn their employees into brand ambassadors and motivate them.

Reto Sidler

Greater Zurich Area – Head of Communications and Marketing

If you have clearly defined your brand, Brandification offers real added value. Brand work becomes transparent and offers the chance to take all important areas in the company with you on the way to even better customer experiences.

Silvia Rick

Canada Life – Head of Brand Management


With our gamified education concept, employees learn intuitively, playfully and sustainably what their brand stands for.


Collect, evaluate and optimize your brand touchpoints effortlessly and stay on top your brand implementation. With our task management board, you can implement optimizations quickly and efficiently.


Track your brand globally in detail at all brand touchpoints, create customer journeys and identify your customers’ pain points and moments of truth.

How Brandification works – explained in 90 sec.

Educate your employees with your brand in a fun and sustainable way and effortlessly achieve consistent brand implementation with Brandification.

Are you ready to reinvent Brand Implementation?

Brand Education & Onboarding

If you want to onboard and enable your employees in a hands-on way, Brandification offers you the ideal digital brand education & onboarding solution.

Based on our education concept with science-based gamification elements, Brandification creates sustainable brand awareness through small, varied brand challenges. Brandification replaces and complements brand training and brand education in an effortless, flexible and fun way.


Brand Touchpoint Optimization

If you want to collect your brand touchpoints in an effortless way, evaluate them with regard to your brand positioning and optimize them in a targeted manner, Brandification is the ideal digital solution for you.

With Brandification, you quickly and effortlessly collect, categorize, and evaluate each brand touchpoint based on your self-defined brand criteria, discover optimization potential, and create rapid progress in implementing improvements. With the touchpoint-based task management board and the milestone feature, you always maintain an overview of the current status of your brand touchpoints across all locations.


CX & Touchpoint Management

Your central platform to digitally design brand touchpoints, personas and customer journeys from a brand perspective and make data-based brand decisions based on your brand cockpit.

With an accurate view of brand touchpoint performance through real-time feedback, you make your brand felt across the entire customer journey – for a better and differentiated brand experience.


Brandification in numbers

individualised to the brand

saving of your resources

activation by regular tasks




Are you ready to reinvent Brand Implementation?

The people behind Brandification

We developed Brandification with over 20 years of brand strategy consulting experience and more than 300 global market leader projects.

Brandification Team

News about Brandification

Nuremberg Digital Festival with Brandification

NUREMBERG DIGITAL FESTIVAL: Digital brand management for a successful brand

Learn from Christoph Hack, founder and CEO of Brandification, how you can transform employees into active and permanent brand ambassadors through digital tools. Afterwards, Lisa Branz, IT project manager at Brandification, will inspire you to discover how scientifically based gamification concepts can spark fun in brand engagement.
In a panel discussion, representatives from the industry will provide insights into their digital brand management and share their experiences and learnings. In a concluding Q&A round, you will have the opportunity to ask the speakers all your questions on the topic.
Please note: this event is in German.

Gamification websession banner

Websession: How to use Gamification to onboard your employees with your brand

In this websession we will focus on challenges in brand onboarding and education of employees and on how digital tools and a scientifically based gamification concept can be used to build and strengthen brand knowledge in a fun, hands-on and sustainable way. Gamification approaches can be used to train, motivate, activate and optimize the performance of employees.
We are going to have a look at successful examples for gamification concepts in the sector of employee education and are providing an insight into how digital tools can be used to leverage the benefits of gamification for your brand with comparatively lower resource requirements.
We look forward to your participation and an exciting and inspiring websession🔥

Alexander Nehls from Dynafit

Interview with Alexander Nehls – International Marketing Director at Dynafit

In today’s interview, we talked to Alexander Nehls, International Marketing Director at the mountain sports brand Dynafit with a focus on mountain endurance sports. We talked to him about the role of the brand in the sports and outdoor sector and learned from him why consistent brand implementation is so crucial and how this can succeed. Also, Alexander Nehls told us why ski boots should be able to talk…

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