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Dr. Judith Scholz <br> <p style="font-weight:200;color:#d9d9d9;font-size: 10px">Brand Trust – Partner</p>
Dr. Judith Scholz

Brand Trust – Partner

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I recommend Brandification to all brand managers who want to be one step ahead with their brand work. In my view, it is an essential tool for brand management today.
Reto Sidler <br> <p style="font-weight:200;color:#d9d9d9;font-size: 10px">Greater Zurich Area – Head Of <br>Communications & Marketing</p>
Reto Sidler

Greater Zurich Area – Head Of
Communications & Marketing

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I recommend Brandification to all companies who want to work actively with the brand and who are looking for a tool that is very easy to use, with which they can train their employees as brand ambassadors and motivate them.
Silvia Rick <br> <p style="font-weight:200;color:#d9d9d9;font-size: 10px">CanadaLife <br>Head of Brand Management</p>
Silvia Rick

Head of Brand Management

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If you have clearly defined your brand, Brandification offers real added value. Brand work becomes transparent and offers the opportunity to take all important areas in the company along on the path to even better customer experiences.
Mandy Novak<br> <p style="font-weight:200;color:#d9d9d9;font-size: 10px">Ivoclar – Director Global Brand &<br> Customer Experience</p>
Mandy Novak

Ivoclar – Director Global Brand &
Customer Experience

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I recommend Brandification to everyone - I don't see brand strengthening as important for certain companies, but as an issue that is important for all companies in today's world.


What drives us at Brandification?

We believe that brand implementation needs to be reinvented 🔥

HOW ⚡️

How do we do, what we do?

We make brand implementation involving, measurable and gamified 🎮


What do we do at Brandification?

We digitalise the brand implementation 🖥


Intuitive usability and simple admin board with central KPIs.

Brandification home screen
Brandification - Create touchpoint


Involving social media features, challenges and motivating project and milestone management.


Gamification elements bring fun, lightness, and effectiveness to empowerment with the brand. Through gamification, 83% of employees are more motivated and involved in brand implementation. 

Brandification - Challenge screen

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Empower your employees to brand in a playful and sustainable way and effortlessly achieve consistent brand implementation with Brandification.

Turn your employees into brand ambassadors now.

Our use cases.

Discover the different applications of our digital Brandification tool here.


Brand Onboarding, Training & Quiz

How can you turn your employees into brand ambassadors?  

With Brandification, you can onboard and empower your employees in a hands-on way. 


Brand Touchpoints & Customer Journey

How can you measure your brand implementation and work better as a team? 

If you want to collect your brand touchpoints in an uncomplicated way, analyze them in a practical way with regard to your brand positioning and values and optimize them in a targeted way, Brandification offers you the ideal solution.

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