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10 questions for Marketing Manager Liselotte Pichler Kager (Mila)

Interview with Liselotte Pichler Kager from Mila

What do mountain farmers have to do with brand management? In the following 10 questions, Liselotte Pichler Kager gives us a brief and concise insight into her work as head of marketing at Mila.

Ms Pichler Kager, thank you very much for being here today! What was your favourite brand during your childhood and why? And what is it today?

Childhood: ” Kinder” (by Ferrero). Because of the creative products, such as “surprise eggs” and accompanying commercials.

Today: “Mila”. There are many reasons, such as the 2,500 South Tyrolean mountain farmers behind it, the high-quality dairy products, the modern company.

What works internally to attract employees as brand ambassadors?

Clear values, well communicated internally and above all, embodied by the company.

Imagine that you meet a brand fairy who can fulfil all your wishes for your brand. What would you wish for from her?

That Mila and everything behind it becomes known to an even larger audience.

What developments and trends do you currently see in the area of branding?

Consumers demand more and more transparency from a brand and get it through the direct exchange through the new media. Only brands with honest and authentic messages will have long-term success.

And what developments and challenges do you see in the next 5-10 years?

One major challenge is a change in media consumption. The young generation often moves away from the classic media such as TV or print. Brands must be made more and more accessible and experienceable (e.g. through influencer marketing).

Which 3 measures could be used to win over employees for a brand in the long term?

  • Clearly define brand values
  • Lively brand values and internal communication
  • Employees must find their own values in the brand values. The company must match them, but they also have to match the company.

Do you see certain departments in which it is particularly challenging to win over employees for a brand?

Basically it is a challenge in all areas. 

How would you convince someone of the importance of your brand with just one argument?

Mila is the combination of South Tyrolean mountain farming tradition and contemporary, high-quality dairy products. 

If you wouldn’t work for Mila, which brand would you like to work for and why?

It’s hard to say. I would certainly work for a food brand, as the industry is very exciting.

What do other departments expect from a marketing/brand manager (team)?

To manage a brand with the involvement of all divisions.

A very big thank you to you, Liselotte Pichler Kager and we wish you all the best!

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