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5 questions for Franziska Hiller – Team leader Brand & Social Media Marketing at comma,

Interview with Franziska Hiller from comma,

As head of the Brand & Social Media Marketing team at the international fashion label comma, Franziska Hiller is part of the puzzle that contributes to the successful look of the brand comma. We talked to her about the new zeitgeist after Corona and about the role emotions play today in brand positioning.

Franziska Hiller, thank you very much for being here with us today! To get started, we are interested in knowing what your favourite brand was in the past and what it is today.

As a child, my favorite brand was Steiff. I mean, what kid doesn’t love stuffed animals?  When I stood in front of the Steiff shop window as a child and discovered the teddy bears with the unmistakable golden button in their ears, my eyes lit up.

My favourite brand today is Chloé. I love how they perfectly mix together a modern and timeless look. Chloé stands for incomparable femininity & effortless elegance, always accompanied by a little extra. Luxury that is simultaneously suitable for everyday use.

We live in a very extraordinary time. What developments and trends do you currently see in the brand sector?

Even during the Corona pandemic, a new zeitgeist is making itself noticed. Things that previously seemed important become secondary and vice versa. For once, I am speaking explicitly for the fashion industry. Product groups such as ready-to-wear & occasional fashion have lost their relevance, whereas comfort & durability of products are playing an increasingly important role. Consumers are shopping more consciously, are getting more and more information about sustainability, the manufacturing process, and the materials used.

And what challenges do you see in this area today that companies did not have to deal with 10 – 20 years ago?

Due to the absolute abundance of different suppliers, it is more challenging than ever, to place your brand on the highly competitive market.  This makes it all the more important to find a niche, position the brand there and build it up over the long term. Customers no longer buy on demand as in the past but are now driven by emotions.

Another challenge is digitalization. A brand must be able to function online and offline and also create digital brand experiences. Both content and target groups are different and most importantly – communication with customers is different. Especially when it comes to social media, the customer has a voice that is heard and interacts directly with the company at eye level.

How would you convince someone of the importance of the brand with a single argument?

The brand takes the lead! Brands provide orientation and support – this is more important than ever in this day and age!

Last but not least: what tips could you give in a short and concise way on how to manage your brand successfully?

My biggest tip: Continuity! A brand should not blindly follow all current trends, but should strategically think carefully about what fits the brand and what doesn’t. Successful brand management is only given when a constant image is integrated into people’s minds, which creates trust and indicates direction.

Franziska Hiller, thank you very much for the very interesting views of your work and the best of luck to you!

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