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5 questions for Björn Lipski – Marketing Manager at Glorit Bausysteme

Interview with Björn Lipski from Glorit Bausysteme

Björn Lipski is the marketing manager at Glorit Bausysteme in Vienna, which was awarded several times as Austria’s best property developer. In 5 crisp questions, he talks to us about a brand‘s promise of quality and performance and the chance to step out of the shadows.

Björn, thank you for taking the time! What do you think is the best way to gain employees as brand ambassadors?

Particularly good brand ambassadors are primarily those employees who particularly like to identify with the corporate values and who may be able to “finally step out of the shadows” in their own way.

Every company should pay careful attention to the selection of brand ambassadors and preferably create a “varied mix”. It is very important to convey the significance of this position.

Brand work is not an annoying task to be done “just like that”, but rather meticulous and valuable work that also ensures the future success of the company. And last but not least, it is fun and promotes both team spirit and cohesion. The last point is often forgotten, but it is an important momentum and that is exactly why it is an important argument to win employees as brand ambassadors.

What challenges do you see in the area of branding today, in comparison to previous decades?

Although the increasing digitalization has made it possible to build up a brand image more quickly and in a more targeted manner, the brand is also more transparent than it was a few years ago. In other words, it is that more important nowadays to keep the quality and performance promises of the brand, otherwise the brand image will crumble faster than you’d expect.

In your experience, are there any corporate areas in which it is more difficult than in other areas to win employees over for a brand?

Interestingly, in my experience, it is especially in the departmental and team management levels that it is most difficult to build up basic acceptance for brand work. I just have a hunch as to why this could be the case. It is always exciting 😉.

With just one argument, how would you convince someone of the importance of the topic “brand”?

No growth without a brand.

If you did not work for Glorit, which brand would you like to work for and why?

I can’t imagine anything more exciting at the moment (really!). But I did have the goal to work for an equipment brand for my hobbies, tennis or skiing – like Head, for example.

Björn Lipski – Thank you very much for the interview and all the best!

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